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Our SEO reports analyse the top ranking pages in SERPs to help you to write SEO optimised blog posts. Serpalyser uses NLP to uncover hundreds of keywords to target in your content.

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Quickly analyse SERP for recommended word count and blog post outline ideas.

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Utilising OpenAI, quickly create blog post outlines and content.

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Using the built in editor, draft your blog post before pasting it into WordPress.

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SERP analysis sends back related questions for your search for more ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions

You do not need to create an account. You get generate a report every day if you like, but the added benefit of having an account is that you can save your reports, generate unlimited reports every day and use your own API keys to keep your costs much lower than if you signed up to a similar service.

Serpalyser is free to use. You can generate up to 3 reports a day without registering. If you require more reports, consider creating an account and adding your own API keys.

Once you've created an account, you need to sign up with OpenAI and SerpAPI. After that, get the API keys they offer and add them to your Serpalyser account to enjoy unlimited reports. Bear in mind, the two services can incur costs, but are not billable by Serpalyser.

Serpalyser uses Natural language processing (NLP) to analyse the top search engine results pages to fetch the most popular keyword phrases, word count of each result and the content structure. All these metrics will help you to create better, quality and most importantly, competitive content.